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    Invoking Action Filter In Parameter

    Shariq Mohd

      Hi All,


      I have got a requirement from my client on my already created dashboard, i am emulating that requirement using Superstore dataset.
      The client would like to to navigate from one dashboard to another and drill in the next level. To emulate the situation i have created 2 dashboards and placed 1 view in each dashboard, the dashboards also have a parameter named "Select" using which users can change the view by "State","City" or "Region" and then on "dashboard 1" i created a "menu" action filter to navigate and filter "dashboard 2".

      What i would like to do is that when the user clicks on "west" and then clicks on "Drill to Orders Count" then on the "dashboard 2" the view should get filtered  for the next level which is "State" in the parameter.
      Right now the view on the "dashboard 2" is filtered for "west" .


      This is more of a user experince requirement. Because when the menu says "West" and user clicks on it then the next view should drill down for the orders of all states within the "west" regions. Is there a way to acheive this in tableau. I am attaching the .twbx here.



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          Joe Oppelt

          What I did is kind of a hack.  See attached.


          I made a copy of your [select calc] calc.  In it I changed the CASE to point to the dimension that is one level below the parameter's value.  (You'll have to figure out what to do with city.)


          On Sheet 2 I placed [Select Calc] on the data shelf, and I used the copy as the  ROWS value.


          Next, take a look at the action.  I did not use "all" as the field to pass.  I specifically used [Select Calc].  Because I have it on Sheet 2 (on the data shelf), tableau will filter down to the region or state that was selected on Dashboard 1.  And within that region or state, tableau will display on rows the lower dimension.

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            Shariq Mohd

            Hey Joe,


            this is a great start, and i will try it. In the mean time just on top of my mind, when the user navigates from dashboard 1 by clicking on "Colorado" the to dashboard 2 which will show him the cities within "colorado", however the parameter will still say "state" will it not be confusion for the user ?

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              Joe Oppelt

              Yes.  The parameter value will not change.

              We don't have the capability to change a parameter value dynamically.


              You don't have to display the parameter on Dashboard 2, so that way the user won't see it and be confused.  You can make your own header that says "by City" or whatever you need.  Make a display calc that looks similar to [Select Calc], only it will instead set a string value, like "State" or "City", and you can display that in the sheet's title.  Or even in a separate sheet that you can position wherever you want.


              The only limitation here is if you want to allow the user to change the setting of the parameter on Dashboard 2.  But if I were designing this, I would force the user's input to that parameter only on Dashboard 1, because that's the starting point of this whole operation.

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                Shariq Mohd

                Hi Joe,


                Apologies for the late response however it did help me achieve what i wanted obviously with some trade offs.





                Mohd Shariq