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    One origin dashboard to multiple destination dashboard

    Orlando Peralta



      Im trying to do the next:


      One Dashboarad (OriginDasboard) has a sheet with 3 types of points (point 1, point 2 and point 3).Another 3 dashboards are the "Destination 1", "Destination 2" and "Destination 3". I want to go from OriginDashboard to each one of the others, when I press the correct point on OriginDasboard. It means:


      OriginDasboard      point 1 --> Destination 1

      OriginDasboard      point 2 --> Destination 2

      OriginDasboard      point 3 --> Destination 3


      But when I put an action on the OriginDashboard, only goes to the last action, as it was expected.


      Can anybody help me to solve this? i´ve attached a sample tableau


      Thanks in advance