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    Hide Options from Filter

    Kelly Wu

      Hi everyone,


      I would like to hide options from filter "Category" and "Phase". For any text value with "NULL" or actual null value, I don't want them to be displayed in the filter. HOWEVER, I still need the value in the back end. So the counts should always include NULL or text "Null" value but I don't want users to unselect these values. Is there a way to do it?


      Some solutions available suggest to create calculated field such as

      If phase = 'cancel or phase = 'closed' or phase = 'test' or phase ='review' then phase else 'never display' end


      But these solutions will always exclude null value. I only want to hide them.


      Please provide any feedback and solutions. Sample is attached. Thank you!

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          Robertino Bonora

          Hi, try creating a set on tableau --> Right clic on the dim Category, Create Set and in the window choose everything but NULL. Do the same thing with Phase dim and use this sets dims to show de values and in the filters.



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            Kelly Wu

            Hi Robertino/Joy,


            I'm not trying to exclude the NULL values. I want it included all the time but just not display in the filter.


            For instance, I have five phases: Cancel, Closed, Test, Review, Null

            I always want the phase in null to be selected all the time. The users can choose from the other four options from the filter but I don't want them to know the null value is always selected in the back. Does it make sense?



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              Kelly Wu

              Hi all,

              Not sure if this is helpful but I want to include as much detail as possible.

              I'm trying to create a table with three dimensions in there:

              Number of Records

              Pass Count

              Pass Percentage = Pass Count/Number of Records


              In the sample, I provided two filters: Phase and Category. Each filter has null values in there. Ideally, I would like to HIDE the null value from showing in the filter but ALWAYS INCLUDE them. For instance, if users selected phase as "Closed", in fact it is selecting both null and Closed but I don't want them to know null is selected.


              I have tried the suggestions above which excluded the null value from both filter and the number of records count (this should always include the null values). I have also tried fixing LOD function in other Q&A but failed because my real data has more than these two filters. The FIXED function will not change at all but I still want it to change based on the other filters. My real data has a filter called "Account". If I only select account 1, I want to see all number of records associated only to account 1 including all category and phases which means null value included. But if I select closed only in phase, it is in fact closed and null being selected. ...Any suggestions?


              Thank you all for the help!!

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                Justin Reed

                I am also looking for this solution and created a separate thread.  Tableau Filter Hide Option but still include in Dataset