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    Sathish Kumar

      Hi All,


      I had done a recent dashboard which had approx 30+ filters, 24 calculation fields, 15 parameters. But I had faced an performance issue with that. In a dashboard maximum how many filters can be placed in a tableau desktop. But it should not affect the performance of the dashboard.



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          Ken Flerlage

          It's impossible to say how many filters you can have on a dashboard. It depends on many factors, but having lots of filters and calculations can definitely have an impact on your performance. Other things that will impact performance are the amount of data (both the height--number of rows--and the width--number of columns), the complexity of your calculations, LODs, table calcs, optimization of your query, power of your database, etc. I'd suggest starting with this guide on optimizing performance: Optimize Workbook Performance 

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            Ken Flerlage

            Hi, just following up on this to see if we've addressed your question or you have additional questions. Please advise.