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    Set Filter Default to max date

    Scott Schmeling



      Is there a way of setting a filter to default to the Max date?


      I can do this with a parameter and some calculations


      Create an entry in Parameter called "Select a Date"-

      set that to some arbitrary date

      Then use a Calculation that says if Date Parameter = #1/1/1900# then Max([Date]) else Date Parameter.


      But would like to try it without the Parameter to simplify the workbook.



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          Scott Schmeling

          Thanks Joy, but no luck.  The sliders don't automatically update- you need to update them yourself every month.  That's not a good way.


          I want the filter to be able to select only the most current date.  So now it would show July, in August it would show August, etc...

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            Mavis Liu

            Hi Scott,


            There are a few options you can try, first is using a discrete date and putting it into the filters shelf. You have the ability to tick on the option 'Filter to latest date value when workbook is opened':




            2) Second is create a fixed calculated field and using it in your filters shelf and setting it to true:




            3) The third option is the same as Joy's, however you need to remember to RESET the filters. This will update automatically as the data updates:

            In the show filter, click on the filter funnel so that the x disappears: