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    Trouble to get pictures from SharePoint repository to show on Tableau

    Ana Lazarini

      Hi, guys


      I'm currently facing some trouble whilst trying to get pictures from a SharePoint repository to show on my dashboard.

      When I'm editing the dashboard on my Tableau Desktop, it works just fine. However, when I publish it to my Tableau Server I keep getting the error "this content cannot be displayed in a frame", have you ever been through that? How can I solve it?


      Oh, and I only get this error on IE; On Chrome and Firefox I do not even get an error, it just gets blank.


      When I try to get pictures from an external source, it works as I want to; But I need to get the photos from the SharePoint repo


      If there is any more information you require of me to try to debug this issue, please tell me


      Thanks so much in advance!!



      Ana Lazarini