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    "Select All" Tableau Server

    Aaron Duncan

      Is there a way to set filter to "Select All" in tableau server after typing in a certain word? Right now if i am using a "Multiple Values (dropdown)" filter in Tableau Server and i type in a word i have to manually check all the names that i want. While in Tableau desktop i can highlight and select all with one box. Wild card filter does not work for my purpose, i need to use multiple value drop down and would like to be able to select all (a deselect the ones i do not need) since checking each box individually is time consuming.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Aaron


          I utilize a parameter that is mapped to the desired options I want in my filters and one of these is set to "All"  - you can see this in use here -  Crow's Nest  on the upper right selection for 'space'. 


          Do you have a large number of options in your multi-select?  Do they change over time?  You can auto populate the options for a parameter from the values for a field on initial setup.  This doesn't work well if the data is being updated with new options though.