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    Auto refreshing Problem - Tableau Server

    Yogesh Dhavale

      Hi ,

      While using Tableau 2018.1 to publish a Dashboard on Tableau Server we came across an issue to automate the extract refresh when the local csv file is updated. Please find below the steps we have followed and STEP 6 highlighting the issue we are facing.


      Please find below the Steps in which we are trying to automate the refresh :


      Step 1: Input file location on my system(local) used to create the Dashboard
      Step 2 : Tableau workbook using an extract. Below is the image of changing from "Live" to "Extract"
      Step 3 : Dashboard created using the data from the local file - Tableau_input.csv
      Step 4 : Publishing the Workbook on the Tableau Server we had selected the below options
      Step 4 : Data source on the Tableau Server 
      Step 5 :  Transferring the file from the Local System to Tableau Server using STFP (File Transfer Protocol)
      Step 6 : Problem we are facing  - How to add new location of the Data Source on the Tableau Server, for the transferred file .
      Do let me know if there is solution for this. Any help would be appreciated. We can also discuss it on call .Please find my no . +91 9619667840