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    Data Cube and secondary source blending - secondary source unsupported aggregation error


      HI everyone,


      This has been asked a couple of times, however the solutions provided do not seem to work for me. What's more is I don't understand why I am getting this error, to me it should be fairly straight forward to blend the two fields I have, yet it is proving impossible in Tableau.


      I have one field in the primary cube source 'Item' (format varies, but in general it is 123456789 - 'Item description')

      In the secondary source, I have an Item, 123456789, and a description field. I concatonated both (Item concat) to be in the format 123456789 - 'Item description'.


      So 'Item Concat', in the secondary source, has about 9500 strings that will also be found in the primary (cube) source's dimension, 'Item' (so 9,500 out of 85,000).


      I have edited the relationship and linked the dimensions, however when I add Item Concat to the columns, and a measure from the primary source to rows (e.g. Revenue), I get the error "Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation".


      Changing Item Concat to attribute (ATTR(Item Concat)) does not work, it just seems to sum the revenue and displays it against an asterisk.


      I simply cannot understand how, if I have 9500 identical strings in these two sources, how is this not being mapped to the measures in the primary source for those matching dimensions?


      Any help is great appreciated.

      Many thanks