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    Creating pie graph with 3 different labels

    Ryan Emond

      I may just be missing something obvious, but here's the scenario:


      1. This is all dealing with client data from a large DB, so unfortunately I cannot share a WB.


      2. I have a single measure, let's call it [Sales]


      3. I have a label for sales, let's call it the dimension [Client Name]


      4. Client Name has multiple different names within the column and each row is attached to a specific Sale Id, so the row can look like Sale Id, Client Name, Sales, etc etc. The column for Client Name is just a straight list of names:




      The same name can appear in the column multiple times and the differentiator is the Sale Id, which doesn't make much of a difference here.


      All I am trying to do is create a pie graph that breaks out all [Sales] by [Client Name], but it does not appear to be working. When I go to create a Pie graph using the Marks card Tableau is creating 3 different charts for the names contained in the dimension [Client Name].


      So, for example, if I wanted to see a pie chart with all [Sales] and then break that out by name, how would I do that?




      Client Name does not have a drill down [+]. Is that the issue?