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    Average of pivot field values across pivot field names

    Amarnath Mohan



      I currently have a pivotted data set that has say 4 pivot field names, Name1 to Name 4. Each of these can have values of 1/2/3/4 (Actual dataset has plenty more). I've made a 100% stacked bar with pivot field names in columns and number of records (Percent of total, table(Down)). What I want to do is I want to find an average of the values of 1) Name 1 and Name 2 & 2) Name 3 & Name 4 and graph it as a similar 100% stacked bar.


      So if my data is as attached the output would have 2 columns:-


      First column (Avg. of  Name1 & Name2): % of 1: 20%, % of 2: 60% (Avg. of 80% and 40%) % of 3 & 4: 10%

      Second Column: Similar calculation as the first only with Name3 and Name4


      Any ideas on how to use averages of number of records for similar pivot field values across pivot field names? The real data has many more variables and creating an individual variables for each pivot field value is hard.


      Hope the question was clear.