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    Number of count in a partition

    Mehmet Mecikoglu

      Hello there,


      I'm relatively new to tableau and trying to make calculation using LOD expressions. I will try to explain the problem as clear as possible since i cant share the data im working with, sorry about that. I have User IDs and logtimes, whenever a user login a new log will be created. What i'm trying to do is to find min log time for each ID, so i can find new users coming each day.



      What i did so far was to create a calculated field to group IDs:


      Calculation 1: { INCLUDE [UserID]: MIN([logtime])} should return to min date for each ID so I can group up IDs by dates.


      When i put Calculation 1 and UserID in the row field I get bunch of IDs group by dates, exactly what I'm looking for. However, when I try to count these ID's tableau returns to number of whole rows in the table, not the number of rows in the partition (which shoud be date i guess). I also tried Size function but it also returned number of whole rows, not the size of the partition.


      Hope this explains the situation,


      Thanks in advance