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    Lookup function and aggregation in Tableau

    Naman Bhardwaj



      I have created a field using lookup function below...can i use this "field from" date as non aggregate??

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning


          Lookup() is a table calculation and can be used to return a value in table based on position - it can be used to return a date


          see below




          but as a table calculation you are at the bottom of the order of operation - so it can be used like this



          but not like this (in an LOD)





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            Naman Bhardwaj

            Hi John...let me talk about this in detail


            please help me solving this problem

            in attached tableau workbook i have created calculated field "from_date".. i want to create a dashboard where  for a suborder i want to check the delay in status flow

            so if my order is moving from one status to another status within 6 hours i will say that its within TAT otherwise delayed TAT

            like this there is another condition for moved and not moved

            i think am facing problem while creating "from_date" field

            all other calculations like "calculation 1", "calculation 2"," calculation 3" depends upon this field

            in workbook there are two sheets, one is raw data and other is pivot

            if i copy the cross tab of raw data sheet and paste than into excel and create pivot there it works fine but if i try to do same thing in tableau its not working

            i am struggling with either LOD or aggregate,Non Aggreagte

            for example in pivot sheet from_status "picked" to to_status "Invoiced" is providing the order count value "1873 under moved and beyond TAT"

            but if i just copy the cross tab in a excel and create pivot in excel then it will be actually 39 orders in "Moved and Beyond TAT" and 1838 in "Moved and within TAT"  which is right and what i want

            i hope you understand the problem

            attaching workbook