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    Issue pulling through updated Excel data

    Jordan Brogden



      I'm loving Tableau prep, however I have a recurring issue.


      I'm consistently unable to pull through updated data in Excel format.


      I have a series of Excel files (.xlsx) which are updated each week.


      Tableau prep successfully pulls through the data when I set up the prep file. If I set up a brand new prep file and pull through the files, the data pulls through properly.


      However when I open an existing flow I've set up, with the intention of pulling through the updated files - exactly the same file name and location, just an updated version overwriting the previous, the new data doesn't pull through to prep, no matter how much I fiddle about and refresh the data connection.


      Logically in my mind this makes no sense, perhaps somebody can help with any pointers or other ideas to try?


      Is anybody else having the same issues?


      I hope I've made sense!




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          Sue Grist

          Yes, I've had the exact same problem. I ended up having to recreate my flow file in order to use an updated data file.

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            Hello Sue and Jordan,


            This looks related to a known issue that has been encountered in Tableau Prep. The developemtn team is looking into it and will release a fix as soon as they can.


            Thanks for flagging this weird behavior. If you have not submitted a case, please do, as the more information our team has the easier it can be to resolve the behavior.



            Byrne, Patrick

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              Jordan Brogden

              Ok thank you, I will do!

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                Anushka A

                Hi Sue,

                Sorry to hear you are running into this issue. If you've tried the following 2 suggestions, please file a Support case as we'd love to be able to investigate this and fix it soon.

                1. Refresh the input Step. The known issue mentioned is when you use a wildcard union in the input Step it sometimes doesn't update - if that's what you have, please let me know.


                2. Change the data sample to "Use all the data" and see if you now see all your data. If your data was being sampled, it may have appeared that your data didn't refresh because you were only looking at the same sample of the top N records.





                Senior Product Manager,

                Tableau Prep

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                  Jordan Brogden

                  Hi Anushka,


                  Thanks for the suggestions.


                  It is a wildcard union I have.


                  I've selected Use all data, and have played around with the wildcard search options and re-selected the specific folder my files are located in:


                  When I opened the file the 'Search in' option was blank. Re-selecting the correct folder and refreshing seems to work to pull the data through! Which is great.


                  The only thing is it resets the fields you wish to pull through - not a big deal, but for anybody else who may try this remember to screenshot the fields you're wanting to pull through as it'll go back to selecting them all.



                  I hope I've made sense - seem to have found a bit of a workaround!