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    Need help with Tableau Calculations

    teja sunku

      Hello Team,


      Can some one help me in achieving this scenario,.

      My requirement is to replicated the Excel report into tableau.


      I have a table with following data..


           Mappings                         Jan               Feb                     Mar                Apr

      A. Cost of Sales                   1.4M              1.56M                  0.9M              29M

      B. Inventory                         0.25M             0.2M                    1.8M              2.75M

      C. Vama                              0.32M              0.34M                  3.68M           2.34M



      Now my requirement is to find

      1. row D. Total  as new row -- which has calculation as follows row B+C-A  and also here for C i.e inventory(for Jan the value should be the same for Feb the values is Jan month's value )

      2. row E. as new mapping value needs to be added

      3. row F =   E/D


      My first question is it possible in tableau?


      IF possible can some one help me achieving this. please.


      Attaching screenshot of requirement.