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    Mapping from 2 data sources

    Liu Yiming

      Hi guys,


      I am trying to do some mapping using data from 2 sources and it seems like Tableau does not support dual axis mapping with data from 2 sources. I have 2  data sources, one of them contains all the points on the map, and the other contains the data points that reported one or more message. I would like to map the points with messages over all the points. I previously did a similar representation using dual axis and only 1 data source. This is a snip of the map I did. I am trying to create a similar heat map using 2 data sources. I would really appreciate if someone can show me how to do mapping with 2 data sources.



      If the above mentioned is not possible, another way i think of is to crop the map with all the points as an image and use it as a background image. The problem with this method is I don't know how to find the GPS coordinates of a point on Tableau map. If I am able to find the GPS coordinates of a point on Tableau map, I will be able to use the image below as a background image with its boundary values as GPS coordinates of any 2 opposing corners. I don't know which method is easier or if any of them is possible. I really need some help here guys. Thanks.