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    export site lock state

    Roshan Bisnath

      Tableau 10.2




      I would like to know what does lock state mean for site when performing an export?

      Export or Import a Site


      Should I schedule the export after working hours?





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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Roshan,


          Tableau Server must be running when you use the exportsite command.During the export process, Tableau Server locks the site you’re exporting.


          'Yes, you should do this after working hours.


          In case it gets locked with a import/export failure below is the command to pull it back.

          Activates (unlocks) or suspends a site. You can use this command to activate a site that was locked because of a site import failure. When a site is suspended, the only Tableau Server user who can access it is the system administrator.


          tabadmin sitestate <site ID> --status <active|suspended>

          Activate a site whose site ID is wsales:


          tabadmin sitestate wsales --status active


          Activate the Default site. The site ID for the Default site is "" (double quotes, no space).


          tabadmin sitestate "" --status active


          Option (short)Option (long)ArgumentDescription




          Specifies whether to activate or suspend the specified site.





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