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    Need help to calculate last 2 or more days back average profit on day, state and city

    Amiya Basak



      I need to calculate last 2 days average profit on a tabular report where each row contain order_date, state ,city and sum(profit), last 2 days back Average profit.


      Last 2 days back average profit:

      In the report for each row  which have order_date, state, city and there are calculate field "last 2 days average profit". This calculated filed will search profit last two day profit with same city and state and will do average with current order day's profit.


      Below screenshot show  on order day (12/30/2017) , state (New York city) and city (New York) have one profit available on 29th Dec 2017. So it show average 19. But other days have on profit available so it show only that day's profit.


      I have user fixed, moving calculation but not getting the exact result.



      Thanks and Regards,

      Amiya Basak