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    How to apply different filters on the same dimension?

    Chu Shan Kuan



      I am trying to graph the total ad_cost of three groups of users to see their monthly ad_cost changes altogether. The users is categorized into three levels based on ad_cost (ad_cost>6000 as big user, 3000< ad_cost <=6000 as mid user, and ad_cost <=3000 as small user).


      I have Date and user_nick as dimensions and ad_cost as measure.


      I know how to apply one filer to user_nick, but I can't figure how to apply three at the same time. Also, I've tried to use calculation field

      If [ad_cost]>6000 THEN 'big user'

      ELSEIF [ad_cost]<=6000 AND [ad_cost]>3000 THEN 'mid user'

      ELSEIF [ad_cost]<=3000 THEN 'small user'


      and then drag this to color marks. However, the numbers came out are different from what I got from total analysis... Can someone please help me with this? Thank you!