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    "Data" download option showing duplicate values

    Purushotham L



      In order to get a repeating effecting in the Tableau Test table, I created a combined field and used it in the view. I then unchecked the "show header" option of the combined field.

      However after publishing the report to the Tableau server, when I use the "Data" download option in the server, I see duplicate values appearing. Please advise how to eliminate it.


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          Deepak Rai

          This is because You Have Kept a Second Dimension in the view and then Unchecked Header in View, but it would Still Show in Underlying data. So Do This:



          • Take out your Combined Field From The View
          • Create a New Calculation INDEX Like this. It would automatically go under Measures, Right Click on INDEX Field and Convert to Discrete.

          • Now drag INDEX field to Rows so that it is your First Pill on Rows. Now you will get Duplicate Effect and would see Customer name getting Repeated
          • Uncheck Show Header from INDEX field in Rows
          • Now when you will view data, you won't find second column in data, but you may have INDEX Column. I hope that will not bite





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            Purushotham L

            Thanks Deepak. This works like a charm.