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    Disadvantages of providing the "Tableau Workbook" download option

    Purushotham L



      Can anyone please list the disadvantages of providing the "Tableau Workbook" download option  in the Tableau server to the users.

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          Jeevan Krishna

          Hi Purushotham,


          Usually there are no disadvantages in allowing tableau workbook download on the server. But I have seen this option being disable consistently in some case


          • Sometime, the dashboards published on tableau public as part of some challenge doesnt allow people to download the workbook as the experienced folks can easily understand the logic by looking into the dashboard
          • In general enterprise conditions, not all the users are provided with tableau desktop licences or tableau reader to download and view a dashboard. Thus disabling this is entirely better to reduce confusion and allowing people to either interact with dashboard on tableau server or allowing PDF/Image download for their reference.
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            Ritesh Bisht

            Hi Purushotham ,


            You need not to provide this option to users because


            1) (> 90 %) they just want to make use of your Tableau Workbook analysis in the form of Tableau dashboard.


            2)  This is an important way to make your workbook secure ,

                   a)  ------->you may not like to share your logic with others / you may have sensitive calculation inside that you should not share.

                   b) -------->Anyone having publish access to the project can override your Tableau Dashboard if he /she is having access to your workbook/data-source (by mistake )

                   c) You should not provide workbook download access in general as a good practice  (not taking about Tableau public but your official tableau site )

                   d) Tableau Public , well it depends ,  few people would not like to share the logic as a part of the puzzle or they are not comfortable in sharing the workbook in public , fair enough.

                  e) Please note that Tableau Admins will by default have the download access to workbooks.

                  f) You have the access to workbook datasource (Like Oracle Database) but not all the users so it does not make sense for them to download since they will never be able to connect to the ultimate data-source.

                  g) May be you might like to share your workbook within your project (or across projects ) but at-least let people come and ask you by not providing them an option to download. Who knows someone downloading your workbook and showing the same as his / her to their respective managers (by making changes in the visual effect but having same logic in the backend ) . Do help others but make sure that you get credit for the same




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