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    Tabcmd refresh command overwrites filters?

    Amit Parihar

      Below is the command I use in Tableau

      tabcmd export "Report123?:refresh=yes,Product=Ball&Department=playstore" --pdf --pagelayout portrait --pagesize letter -f "C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\abc\Report123.pdf" --no-certcheck


      PDf generated has the filter for Product selected as "Bats" and department as playstore. Bats is the default filter selected. When I run the same command without the refresh option (please see below)


      tabcmd export "Report123?Product=Ball&Deparment=playstore" --pdf --pagelayout portrait --pagesize letter -f "C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\abc\Report123.pdf" --no-certcheck


      I am wondering if the refresh somehow sets the workbook to its default filter selections and I want to ensure that doesn't happen. The refresh option has been added to get the data refreshed, so that every time this script is run after a data update to get a fresh set of PDFs, the user can see the latest data.


      Also, this refresh affect only happens on the first filter, the second filter seems to be working fine.


      Any ideas, on how to refresh the dashboard and still be able to generate PDFs with different filters. ?