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    Custom Aggregation/ Fixed LOD calcs?

    Hannah Keith



      I'm trying to show production (CPD) against planned production (Planned CPD). The lowest level of detail in the plan dataset is asset name and month while the actual dataset goes to asset name, day, and material. Product B only has 1 material, so SUM(Planned CPD)/7 produces the correct result (below). However Product A, C, D can have multiple materials running on an asset at a time, resulting in duplications of some days of planned CPD.


      How can I adjust the Planned CPD calc to only look at 1 Planned CPD rate per asset instead of summing them all up?


      Ideally I'd take a sum of the median by line, but unfortunately haven't found a workaround for the 'can't take a aggregate of an aggregate' constraint


      Appreciate any help!