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    What does an asterisk "*" mean ?

    Kshitiz Mahajan

      I am using 3 data sources(D1, D2, D3) to build relationship on the basis of ID's keeping D2 as Primary data source. The date values that are coming from my secondary data source are showing up as an asterisk "*" instead of my actual data.


      Can anyone tell me where is the issue? Is there any work around to it?

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          Don Wise



          From the Knowledge Base:  The asterisk is actually a visual indicator of a special type of Null value that occurs when there are multiple members that apply to the mark.


          Meaning, you have multiple data values and Tableau doesn't know which to display.


          Please see the following to help you along: Troubleshoot Data Blending


          Thanks, Don


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            Jim Dehner


            sounds like you blended the data - the * indicate there are multiple date records instead of a unique value


            don't know your data so it is hard to tell what to do - could be restructuring the data or using connecting with a join would work better


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              Mahfooj Khan



              I guess the granularity of each data source is different that's the reason when you're using any data field from secondary data sources its returning "*". You need to aggregate your data sources and make sure level of detail  of each source should be same then you'll get the proper result. Instead of blending you may try with joining data sources and check.



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                Sebastian Sofariu

                Hi Kshitiz,


                Typically, when there are multiple matching value in the secondary data source for each mark in the primary data source, asterisks in the sheet are displayed.


                You can avoid asterisks in the sheet by making sure that there is only one matching value in the secondary data source for each mark in the primary data source.


                The article below document when asterisks are displayed in the sheet and how to resolve asterisks in the sheet


                Hope this help.



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                  Charles Cosgrave


                  I have a similar issue where I have a dimension filter for different shop locations and then combined 'All'

                  When I select 'All' in the filter, an asterisk appears in the column header instead of where I would expect 'All' to appear.


                  See the asterisk in the column header here compared the to single site selection in the image below this one.

                  Astericks 1.JPG


                  When I select a single site, the name appears in the header as per below. Any help would be appreciated.

                  Astericks 2.JPG