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    Tableau 2018 - are you attending?

    Vicki Lund

      Hello all,

      Is anyone attending the Tableau 2018 conference Oct. 22-26 in New Orleans?
      If you attended past conferences could you please share your experiences?
      We are new to Tableau here and I'm building a case for conference budget approval.
      Positive feedback from higher education community members would be very helpful.

      Kindest regards,

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          Michael Le

          I have attended the last four Tableau Conferences and plan to attend TC18. I get so much value out of the conference, that when I lost funding this year I decided to pay my own way. The presentation quality and content are like no other conference. I leave the conference with a renewed sense of purpose, hope, and excitement. You meet so many interesting people doing things for their respective organizations that they cannot share online, but will gladly show you in a presentation, while eating a meal, or while hanging in the exhibit hall. I've met friends/colleagues from Netflix, Nike, Target, Amazon, State Farm, and others, not to mention all the education folks there.


          There is a justification letter that is very helpful: https://tc18.tableau.com/sites/default/files/page/TC18%20Justification%20Letter%20-%20Updated.docx


          Government, education, and non-profits qualify for $600 off registration using a code provided by your sales representative.

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            Cliff Beiser

            I have attended 4 and missed the last one due to lack of funding.

            There is nothing to compare this conference to as I have attended hundreds through my life.

            Endless education and events and wonderful hospitality! You really feel wanted and Tableau

            wants you to see value in your attendance. Being a solo consultant for 10 years this was

            the highlight of my year!

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              Vicki Lund

              Hi Michael and Cliff,

              Thanks so much for all information, this is great!

              All the responses I've had so far are just as enthusiastic about past conferences as yours.

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                Cheryl Ratchford

                Hi Vicki -


                I've been to the last three, and will be in New Orleans this fall.   I've been to a number of other professional conferences, and TC is by far my favorite.   I learn so much about using Tableau at the conferences I would classify it as training as much as a conference.



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                  Vicki Lund

                  Thank-you Cheryl.

                  I sure hope I can make it to the conference in the end.



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                    Sarah Delaney

                    My first conference was TC16 and paid for by work,. I found it so useful that I paid my own way for TC17 and I'm doing so again for TC18.


                    Be sure to download the TC18 app as soon as they release it, usually a month or so ahead of time. Register for any of the hands-on classes ASAP - they will fill up fast. Plan on being overwhelmed with all the options, but remember they record the session and make them available on YouTube. Some topics you really need to see in person, but others you can watch in your office later. Some you need to do both to actually implement in your real work!


                    Plan on walking a lot. Last year I was hitting about 15k steps per day, but I was also walking from the hotel to the convention.

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                      Ginny Moench

                      Hi Vicki,


                      This is by far the best conference I have ever attended!  I have been for the last two years and will attend this year as well.  While I do attend a variety of sessions (especially hands-on training) I also try to see as many higher education focused sessions as possible because they are full of new ideas that I can take back and apply directly to my own work.  Once my boss realized what a beneficial conference this is, she started sending more people every year.  I really hope you are able to attend TC18!