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    Duplicate values in data base

    Alix ROTH

      Hi all,


      I used to work with another visualization tool and I'm trying to replicate a report that I've created there but there is something I am not able to do.


      The context: I'm creating a report for sales leaders. These sales leaders want to see the sales performance of their team members by customers.


      The complexity: some customers have more than one sales person assigned to him.


      The problem: when I link the data base with the customers to the mapping table with the customers + dedicated sales person, it creates line in the consolidated data base and my sales amount is wrong.


      What I see:

      The correct sales amount (when I don't link the data base to the mapping table):


      What I would like to see:


      Basically, I would like Tableau to allocate the sales amount of the account to both sales persons (when they are more than one), but without changing my total sales amount.


      Does anyone know if that may be possible?


      You can find attached the workbook.



      Thank you !!!