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    Unfiltered calculation for filtered view

    Matt Schutz

      I have a set of email campaign data.  There are three event types: sent, opened, and clicked (ie - someone clicked a link in the email).  Each email has an email name like "Email address confirmation" or "credit card expired".


      In my bar chart visualization I'm looking at an "effectiveness rate" by event type.  It's filtered to opened emails so I can display total emails opened, and number of open emails where a link was clicked.  So effectiveness is clicked/opened.  If there are 100 opened emails and 20 clicks then the effectiveness rate is 20%.  The bar chart shows the data colored by event type (clicks are 20%, "unclicked" opens are 80%).


      What I want to show in a tooltip is the total number of emails SENT.  Because I'm already filtered to event types of opened and clicked this is always zero.  Is there a way to get this information into the visualization?  Something tells me LOD, but I'm not very experienced with these.


      Email NameEvent TypeCount
      Credit card expiredSent500
      Credit card expiredOpened100
      Credit card expiredClicked20


      Again, above the effectiveness rate is 20%, but I'd also like to show the 500 number, and maybe even a number of clicks per sent (20/500).