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    Calculate Value Today, Yesterday, Change - Across multiple Measures

    Allison Montgomery

      Hi all,


      I’m attempting to create a dashboard modeled off of Ryan Sleeper’s “My US Stock Portfolio”.


      The ideas is to have different KPI measures in each block, instead of different stocks. Thus, the same type of information: KPI today/this period, KPI yesterday/last period, % change, etc.


      However, I’m running into a problem finding a simple solution to generate these results across a variety of KPI’s with minimal calculations/consistent labeling.


      My first thought was to create three calculations for each KPI - value today/this period, yesterday/last period, % change.


      This does work, however, the problem is that I cannot create standard “Today”, “Yesterday”, “% Change” labels for the measures – all calculation titles and aliases must be unique. This leads to a lot of over-labeling and ruins the cohesive look desired.


      I could just hide labels and add in dups of the same text box on the dashboard with the three labels I want. However, I'm curious to see if there's any solutions out there already.


      Wondering if anyone has created something similar, or has any ideas or direction to point me in.