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    ELI5: Need super simple beginner help for creating a custom color palette

    nicole castanon

      We got some new branding guidelines and I want to make sure everyone who has a Tableau Desktop license at my company (eventually we will have server) is using the same color palette in our Tableau visualizations.


      I read the articles below but I cannot get to step 1 - open the preferences.tps file.  Do I need html?  And I am also not sure which of these I need to create -  Create a custom categorical color palette, Create a custom sequential color palette, Create a custom diverging color palette.  I may need to create all 3.  We have 11 colors that we can choose from when creating our visualizations.  We can use these colors or lighter shades of each of them.  I have the RGB numbers but that is it. 


      Since it is hard enough to get everyone to try something new, I want to make some directions as EASY as possible for everyone to use the same colors.  I will assume right now it is going to have to be a DIY thing but when we get server will there be a way to load the custom palette automatically?


      Please help thank you!


      What I read but do not unerstand

      Create Custom Color Palettes


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