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    Dynamic datasource filters in tableau

    Kishore Kolla

      Hi All,

      Data source = Oracle database

      Single table -> Transaction data

      which has millions of data and adding nearly 6 lakhs of data daily (single date).


      I want to provide the daily summary dashboard (One day summary dashboard) is enough.

      I repeat my requirement is not to show the comparison of all the dates summary here in the dashboard. to show only date selected summary.


      I should get the data from the data source for particular date only when i select that particular date in tableau parameter.


      I feel this is not possible but still want to know any way for the selection of data from the data source dynamically based on the date parameter?

      Since if i place each and every day data in extract then tableau will not handle after the data reaches to certain limit.


      I have gone through this thread, but still i'm just expecting some better practices to handle this much data from oracle DB.

      Performance really slow with millions of records



      Thanks in advance!