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    Geo Heat Map

    Harinath Reddy

      Hi All,


      Please let me know the graph in the below link can be  done in tableau or not,if its yes how the data need to be present.







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          Tim Dines

          This link takes me to a blank screen.  Maybe it is blocked by our firewall.  Can you attach a picture?

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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning

            can Tableau create a filled map based on a measure - Yes

            you would need the measure (in this case air pollution values) related to a geo spatial file  -  Create Tableau Maps from Spatial Files


            the link can walk you through the process


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              Ken Flerlage

              If you're looking for a geographic heat map/density map, then that functionality does not exist in Tableau yet, but they did announce last year that this is functionality that should be coming soon.

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                I also get blank screen from the link above.


                I guess it depends on how you would like your map to display the air quality values - either as points on a background map of your area of interest or as a heat map based on smaller regions within a country for example.


                Do you have a sample dataset to work with?


                The map below is an example heat map I created based on deaths for each local authority in the UK - red showing the highest numbers based on the selected colour range. You would need the appropriate TDE file containing your map regions depending on how you would like the air quality values to show on your map. I was able to get hold of this file quite easily and I'm sure you can create the same below based on a spatial "shapefile", depending of course on what version of Tableau you have installed.


                Happy to knock something up for you once you have the data and let me know what country/region the data is for.


                UK heat map example.jpg

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                  Harinath Reddy

                  Hi All,


                  Attached is the sample image

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                    Hi Hari, that map looks like it was created with a more advanced mapping product such as ArcGIS. If the regions in that map can be obtained in a suitable format to work with Tableau you can create something similar based on the example I provided above.


                    You'd need a spaitial file for the South of India that also includes each region so you can assign the air quality values to each one. For that you'll need to find out where the data has come from for that map and download it.


                    Can you get the data for that map and download into Excel? We can than see how to put together a suitable map for you.

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                      Hi Hari,


                      Here is a District map I have found online for India. Is the data you have seen linked to districts? If so you could link the air quality values per district and then create a resulting heat map similar to the UK example I showed above.


                      India District Map.jpg

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                        Sarah Battersby

                        Hi Harinath - That image looks like a heat map.  That functionality will be available in the 2018.3 Beta 2 release (which should be available soon).  If you want to get involved with the Beta program check here: https://prerelease.tableau.com/welcome/


                        Additionally, more information on upcoming functionality can be found here: Coming Soon: New features in Tableau



                        Tableau Research

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