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    Data Blending and Grand Total

    Kelly Cheung



      I am blending 2 data sources. The primary data has the actual spending to prior month and the secondary data has spending data from the previous 3 years.The data sources are linked by "Object Group". I was trying to estimate the spending of current year from the primary data based on the data from the prior 3 years from the secondary data. However, I wasn't able to get Grand Total working for "Estimation". I am trying to show a Grand Total that adds the estimation for each Object Group (60,968,155+ 113,646,202+ 36,577,057) so the total will be 211,191,414 instead of 70,370,230.




      I have tried a couple methods by using "Fixed" and "Window_Sum", but they are not working. Estimation 1 is calculating the Grand Total using the total percentage of "% of Actual (2015-2017)" , which resulted the same number as above (70,370,230). Estimation 2 is taking the Actual to Prior Month from 2015-17 (476,233,033) and dividing it by (581,721,103), which is 81.87%. Then, the Actual to Prior Month for 2018 is divided by 81.97% and the estimation is 211,144,069, which is still different from 211,191,414.



      Is there a way to add the Estimation for each category in Grand Total?