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    Permissions Schema and Master Dashboard updating

    Daniel Lawrence

      Hello all,


          Just installed Tableau Server on a Microsoft Azure instance with the purpose of having dashboard(s) accessible to private clients behind a Single Sign On Web Login.  What I want to inquire about is this:

      I will have a master dashboard that addresses 7 different products and all the related information and i can filter by the product in the dashboard.  However, the private clients will only have access to certain products (and must not have access to what they are not granted to see) and the number of clients is many dozens with each client potentially having access to only 1 product to all 7 products. 

      My first instinct was to create copies of the master dashboard for each combination of permission access and then put all clients into groups and assign access to groups.  Unfortunately, there are 127 different combinations of access to the 7 products and while all 127 combinations will probably not be populated, this solution is cumbersome at best. 


      How best to address this?


      Secondly, is it possible to have all the copied child dashboards (if that route is taken) be linked to the master dashboard so any changes in the master dashboard will be reflected in the children dashboard?  Just to reiterate, the child dashboards will be carbon copies of the master dashboard but will have context filters applied to products.  Each child can be scheduled to have their extract refreshed but can the actual dashboard be synced?


      Thank you for any and all insight.