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    Reporting data during period between dates

    Rylan Edwards

      Hey Everyone - first time poster. Thanks in advance for your help. It's a seemingly simple problem but I've been scratching my head for too long to admit.


      I have a dataset with (among others) the following columns:


      • Contract#
      • Vendor Name
      • Start Date
      • End Date
      • Total Contract Value


      I'm trying to show a line graph with the monthly Contract Value in a given month with MM/YYYY on the X-Axis. I have a calculated field using DateDiff for monthly Contract Values for each contract. However my problem is in placing that Monthly Value within the entire Contract period (between Start Date and End Date). For example, if a contract goes from Jan 2018 through Jun 2018 and the Total Contract Value is $60k, the graph should include that contract's $10k Monthly Contract Value (again, from a calculated field) in each month between Jan '18 and Jun '18.


      Using Start Date or End Date as the X-axis shows only the monthly Contract Value for that specific Start/End Date month and NOT in the all months in between.


      Any ideas? 


      Many thanks,