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    Mailchimp Problem

    Patrick Consoli



      My company is hoping to use Tableau to develop our Mailchimp reports. We have a unique problem though that I'm trying to find a solution to and am wondering whether it is something I will manually need to do before importing the data into Tableau. A few days after we send out a campaign, we have a follow up go out to non-openers, typically with a different subject line. Mailchimp reports these as two separate campaigns with their own unique open rates. We'd like to take the opens from the re-send and group them with the opens from the original email. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm happy to give some more information if it will help with finding a solution.





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          Joe Oppelt

          You must have some key that identifies the second mailings with the first.  Maybe an email address or customer ID.


          Have separate rows in your data for the separate mailings.  Report by that primary key.  tableau is good at letting you roll up multiple rows (or individually analyze multiple rows) under that primary key field.

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