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    How do I create a pull and compare system?

    Federico Di Luzio

      Hello everyone,


      I am looking to create a pull and compare system. What I mean by this is that a user can take an object with certain attributes


      Let's say that this object (I'm specifically dealing with commercial real estate) has certain attributes, so let's say...


      Property A has 12 floors, is located in Seattle, is 120,000 SQFT and has a blue roof (simple examples).


      How would I create a system where a user plug in the attributes relating to property A and get comparable assets that match it from a large database that I have at my disposal.


      Example: The user plugs in Property A and all properties in Seattle, with 100,000-150,000 SQFT, and between 8-14 floors are pulled and compared. The properties in my database

      all have current market values and real tax estimates so the user could use these comparables to estimate a rough value on their property along with the respective tax to be paid.


      Does this make sense? I highly appreciate the advice and help.


      My questions are, what functions would help make this process flow smoother? I'm looking maybe for previous examples (not necessarily related to commercial real estate).


      Thanks everyone.

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          Tim Dines

          I would first create a parameter for each of the property characteristics from which the user can choose, i.e. Number of Floors, Sq Feet, Style, Purpose, Street, Zip, etc.  Have a list of all the properties on the dashboard and as the user sets the parameters, filter down to what they are looking for.  Depending on the number of parameters given, the list of available properties can be shrunken down very well.  Be sure to give the user a way to export and/or print the list either to PDF or an Excel file.


          I was also just thinking that you could have a container that provides shows a map of each site as it's name is clicked by the user or provide another parameter that swaps the map sheet for a picture sheet.  Really, there are endlessly cool options with this project.