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    Coxcomb with different angles

    Ana Ana

      Hello all,

      Could someone help me find an example of a coxcomb chart that has unequal slices?

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          Ken Flerlage

          Equal angles of each slice is part of the very definition of a coxcomb--they are not supposed to be different. Here's a definition from Wikipedia:


          The polar area diagram is similar to a usual pie chart, except sectors have equal angles and differ rather in how far each sector extends from the center of the circle. The polar area diagram is used to plot cyclic phenomena (e.g., counts of deaths by month). For example, if the counts of deaths in each month for a year are to be plotted then there will be 12 sectors (one per month) all with the same angle of 30 degrees each. The radius of each sector would be proportional to the square root of the death count for the month, so the area of a sector represents the number of deaths in a month. If the death count in each month is subdivided by cause of death, it is possible to make multiple comparisons on one diagram, as is seen in the polar area diagram famously developed by Florence Nightingale.


          As noted, you'd typically use this type of chart to show seasonal changes--by year, by month, etc.--so you want all the angles to be the same.


          Can you share more details about your use case?

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            Ken Flerlage

            Hi, just following up on this to see if we've addressed your question or you have additional questions. Please advise.