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    Returning all the data despite applying a User Filter

    Borja Leiva



      I have created a visualization in which I have to use a User Filter based on Security Groups from Active Directory so people in different Security Groups will only see the data specific to their group.

      One of the requirements for this visualization is to compare values for a specific group against the aggregation of all the groups.

      Since using a User Filter only returns data for that specific user, how can I return all the data to be able to make that comparison?

      Has anybody come across a similar issue before?



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          Naveen B

          Hi Borja,

          Use the Fixed Condition to calculate the values because as per the tableau order of operation fixed will work first, after that

          Dimensions, sets


          Whenever user logged he will see his respective and with the fixed measure you can see all the data




          AD_UserID     Sales

          123                    20

          153                    40

          165                    60


          Create a calculated field {fixed: sum(Sales)}


          When 123 users logged in output would be


          AD_UserID          Sales         {fixed: sum(Sales)}            %

          123                         20               120                                   =20/120=0.16%



          Hope this helps


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