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    How to create a ABC analysis?

    luana otake

      I need to create a view of customers, volume, discounts and costs.
      In excel we can create this view, but I don`t know how to replicate this.




      the creation of this dashboard needed a table that calculated the values of discounts, volume and costs.

      The values have to change with the filters, in excel we used a dinamic table to fulfill the columns.

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          Tableau can be used but it is involved - see the attached - it is an analysis done for a different purpose (broke dales into quintiles) that you will need to adapt to meet your needs


          The Red Summary tab is where you should focus


          it returns this



          you start by ranking based on sales


          and creating an LOD on sales



          the % rank


          running sales total

          running % of sales

          then creating groups (your ABC my quintile)

          then filter the groups


          Please feel free to contact me with questions (if you are concerned about confidentiality you can use direct contact at marketanalyticsllc@gmail.com)



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