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    Pop up a sheet based on a specific filter value?

    Dave Dixon

      I have not found a simple yes or no on this, but I assume it's a no based on the convoluted lengths I've seen gone to in order to make something like this happen.  But I have to ask because the client won't stop asking.


      Dashboard has a category chooser that operates a simple action filter, filtering all the dashboard's sheets on its selection.  Very simple.


      Client wants ONE of those 10 values, when selected to cause a new sheet to pop up, with a text note and some figures from the database.



      - I'm in 9.3

      - Category chooser is a filter, not a parameter

      - There is no space available for there to be a "floating blank sheet covering up the target sheet" which seems to be a popular solution (BUT even that still hasn't worked for me when I have tried it)

      - And of course, I can't share the workbook.  (at any rate it would take me longer than I have to do the whole thing, to dummy up some data and try to inject it)


      Right now, what I have done (it's ugly!) is to create a calculated field that says if category=medical then "(text text text)" else "" end - and put that onto a sheet detail and dropped it in the sheet's title block.   But, when the filter is cleared, that title block says "all" and if any other filter choice is selected then it's just a blank rectangle on top of the dashboard content.  Again, I have no space for just a blank block to hang out here.



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          Dave Dixon

          Quickie update:  I've moved my little conditionally- calculated text field to a tooltip.  Since I have the filter selections displayed as a row of icons, I made the tooltip appear on hover, and since it's conditional to category=medical, it only appears when hovering over Medical.  So that's something, at least, but I have to assume the client wants it to operate as originally envisioned, so still looking for help.

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            Joe Oppelt

            You can pop out a sheet.  Make a pop-out sheet that displays only when a specific value is selected.  That will push the sheet into view.


            Hang on.  I'll hack up something in a version you'll be able to open.

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              Joe Oppelt

              OK, in the attached 9.2 superstore example I have a dashboard with 3 sheets.


              One is just any old sheet.  It shows whatever states are selected in the filter.


              One is the special sheet.  I want to display it on the dashboard only when Idaho is selected in that filter.


              The third is my pop-out sheet.  This is the key.  I made a calc that sets its value to 1 if only one state is chosen (see [States on sheet]), and if that one state is Idaho (see [Special calc to display ...]).  I put that [Special calc to display] on filters and selected for value = 1.  Anything else will result in an empty sheet.

              The pop-out sheet and the special sheet are in a floating container.


              Play with the filter on Dashboard 1.  Add another state.  You'll see the pop-out sheet go blank, which makes the special sheet shift to the left.  Select only Idaho, and the pop-out displays and pops the special sheet to the right.


              Now go to Dashboard 2.  HEre I positioned the floating container with a negative x-position.  When the pop-out sheet collapses, the special sheet goes to the left, off the dashboard view.  It's still on the dashboard, technically, but the user can't see it.


              You can push things out to the right, or down from the top (with a negative y-position to start.)  You can position this floating container to float under other sheets so things pop out from behind that sheet.  The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.  You can pop out anything you want.  I have some dashboards where I pop out an entire sub-dashboard (of sorts) that holds all the filters and parameters because a busy dashboard didn't have enough room for filters and parameters.  So one little parameter (hide/show) lets the user get to all the toys to set things on the dashboard.


              Since I can't see your dashboard, I can't suggest how to position this concept, but this is the mechanism you can use to pop out a sheet when a certain condition is met.