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    Cannot connect to GA database at 3rd time

    Duy Ly

      I tried to make connection with same GA 3rd times but I receive error "Username or password incorrect". Is it true that I can only make 2 connection to same GA database ?

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          Sebastian Sofariu

          Hi Duy,


          I do not believe that having multiple connections to the same GA account should be causing this problem, however, it is possible that it may be a factor.


          Google Analytics connections use an access token which expires 60 minutes after it is issued.

          Typically "Username or password incorrect" error with Google Analytics occurs when Google's 60-minute time-out limit has been reached.


          As far as I know some similar behaviors has been fixed in Tableau Desktop 10.5.6 and newer.

          These newer versions of Tableau Desktop should not be affected by this behavior.


          Try to upgrade to Tableau Desktop 10.5.6 or newer from Release page below and check if the issue still persist.


          Hope this help.

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