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    NPM Start failing

    Sunil Tikar



      I am not sure if this is the correct platform to put this question but I am giving it a try.


      Recently our devops team wants my team to do POC on web data connector. At start github access from my organization was blocked but I got it opened for this.


      Then I was following this - Get Started


      I was able to install Git & node.js on my machine but when I am starting NPM I am getting error message. I posted my issue on github but no response yet from any member.


      Unable to access localhost : npm start failed · Issue #263 · tableau/webdataconnector · GitHub


      If anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong/missing , I'm new to this could someone please assist ?




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          Andrew Connolly

          Hi Sunil -


          Based on your screenshot from Git, it looks like you're running nmp install in the wrong directory. So it's actually not finding anything to install, this it fails when you attempt npm start


          From the tutorial "Change to the directory where you downloaded the repository"

          This should be something like ~/webdataconnector