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    Waterfall Dashboard - reference line issue

    Abby Chan

      Hi everyone,


      I have a problem when I create the waterfall view using Waterfall Dashboard method.

      Example of Water Fall Charts  -1 - Still Struggling with Excel ?? <Tableau's Room>


      It work perfectly if I sort the sub-region ascending but our usually view is to sort descending. Once the sub-region sort in descending order the x-axis of the 3 worksheets are no longer sync. It is because the  Max Height for Ref Line didn't consider the max value of the sub-region sheet.






      How to create a formulas for the Delta sheet (sub-region sheet) to find the max of value and then included it to the Max Height for Ref Line? So that all sheet sync up?


      Below is the water i created but the sub-region sheet not sync up as you noticed it with where the $0 position.




      Please help Tableau Master !!!!!