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    Separate Reference Lines for each vertical bar

    Abhaas Mohan



      I am trying to create separate constant reference line for each vertical bar in my graph.


      For the same, I have created two distinct parameters, getting its data from 2 calculated field. (Both named Nat'l Avg X/Y, where X & Y are two companies)


      The rows themselves are calculated field (Avg Sales per seller for both companies), which is calculated basis the source file. The reason why this average is a calculated field instead of a simple constant value as the source data can change, and I want the avg reference line to change accordingly. These rows value can change basis filters on the dashboard (Country->State-> County).


      1) I am trying to get the reference line to show the National Avg as a static line at each of the 3 filter levels

      2) Currently the line spans across both bars, instead of each separately.


      Attached is a screenshot to display my screen



      The calculated field for parameters have the following formula - TOTAL(SUM([X Volume]))/TOTAL(SUM([X#]))

      Each company's parameter is a float, set to range from calculated field