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    Total of totals orginating from multiple data source

    Rico de Feijter

      The following is an excerpt of the table I have in 'Sheet 1':


      The most right columns yields the totals. However, these totals are made up from multiple data sources (e.g. -18.000 comes from a different source than -18.160).


      Now I want to calculate the Total of Totals in 'Sheet 2'. The problem is that I cannot use the TOTAL() function as it does not support measures coming from multiple datasources. So when I try to use the following formula:


      It yields that I cannot use TOTAL() because the measure [Total] is composed of multiple data sources.


      How can I still get the total of totals? I.e. (-36.160 +- 25.181.358,62 +- 456.865 +- 3.985.343 = -29659726,62)


      A workbook is attached.