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    Strange quirk in colours in bar chart

    Victor Clarke

      I'm sure I have done something really stupid to create this, but it has me stumped.


      I have created a number of bar charts to explain how dating of different reigns during the Old Kingdom of Egypt are spread over various years to go into a PhD (yeah I know - real history geek stuff). For some reason, no matter how I change the underlying data, no colour appears for one of the years (2590 BCE - aka 2590 BC).


      Attached is one very simple example of the charts I am creating (I have stripped out lots of data and the live charts I am creating as I want to keep my data confidential until the PhD is published), but this very simple example demonstrates the problem I am having. The chart shows the length of each Dynasty as one overall line (a dynasty is a group of Pharaohs) and the names and number of years they reigned for each of the Pharaohs that existed in that dynasty via colours.


      If you look at Dynasty III in the bar chart which runs from 2592BCE to 2544BCE there is a gap (white space) between the second and 3rd blue bar. If you hover over them, you will see that the bars are numbered:






      The gap is the year 2590BCE which is not showing at all (ie it is not coloured white, there is just no data showing there). The same thing replicates in every chart I do. I have tried re-creating the data by deleting that row and re-adding it, and it still doesn't appear. This is despite the fact that the data for that year appears in the data source tab, so it is being imported properly into Tableau.


      I cannot for the life of me work out why this is happening. It appears it must be data related, as it replicates in every chart. I have attached a .twbx file, as well as an excel data source file.


      Can anyone help - I'd be very grateful?


      Thanks in advance