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    URL action link to Airtable shows images upside down on Desktop and zoomed in when on Tableau Online

    Naledi Hollbruegge

      I have a dashboard where I am using a URL action to bring up images. These images are stored in an Airtable.


      When the action loads the image in an external window (no webpage object included on the dashboard) the images are shown correctly.


      However, when they are loaded within a webpage object on the dashboard (as they need to be), they are sometimes shown rotated from their original position (upside down or on their side). This will consistently happen to the same images, so reloading the workbook or recreating the dashboard action does not flip them around.


      In addition, when loaded onto Tableau Online, the images are shown zoomed in, rather than fitting the frame as they do in Tableau Desktop.


      I imagine there will be Tableau extensions that can address this issue, unfortunately though I cannot rely on those being released before this dashboard needs to be published.

      Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Were you able to find a solution? The only thing I can think of now is to move all the pictures to a different location and try to load them from there, but we actually use Airtable quite a bit for this sort of thing and I would hope that it's not the only option. If it is, do you have any advice for making this process as painless as possible?


      Do you think this is an issue on the Tableau side or with Airtable?


      Thanks for your help,