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    Tabcmd - Passing Parameters successfully but some areas of PDF are blank

    Kenneth Tsang

      Hi All,

      I've had success passing parameters through Tabcmd:


      tabcmd export "<Name>?Client=Company%20A" -pdf -f "C:\Tableau Exports\Page1.df"


      However the strange thing is that when i open up the PDF, it looks like it is successful but it doesn't seem to 'work' all the time.


      e.g. this is what my PDF looks like:


      PDF using Tableau Command:



      Screengrab from Tableau Server (same Client)



      This is very strange and i can't seem to get i to work. The graphs use the same data source as the key statistics at the top, which DOES show up in the PDF.

      This workbook has about 8 views or tabs. The very first tab contains a parameter which allows me to select the Client, which then changes it for all subsequent views.

      I am trying to replicate this effect using the Tabcmd and passing the client parameter through. Does anyone have any ideas?