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    Fixing the length of bars in viz after it reaches a certain number

    Puneet Sharma

      Hello All,


      I am working with sensitive data and wish to fix the length of the bar in order to fake the axis. For example: if i reach a count 5 for a field, i would like to show the length of the bar representing a number = 4 as 5*, putting a disclaimer that due to sensitive information, we do not give exact numbers when less than 5.


      I have created a calculated field which does not show the number but "*" when number< 5, but the problem is axis, a person can still see the length of bar and compare it to the axis to get the exact number. This is the problem i am trying to avoid by faking the length of bar to 5 for all numbers<5 but with an * sign.


      Is it at all possible to achieve this? Please let me know if we can make it work.