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    how to run a talend job with a link to Filter selection on a Dashboard

    phalondon pha

      hi every one,


      i have a dashboard which contains information about sale of country A,B,C... in the Report there is a filter "country".



      i have a fileshare which store PDF Sale Reports of each country. now what i want is that:

      1. filter only some countries . e.g: only A and B

      2. Tableau sends this Filter Selection to a Talend job (or if it doesn't work with talend, i can try with powershell script)

      3. Talend job (or any other ETL Tool) looks into the fileshare and creates Zip Data for the filtered countries. in the example above, a zip data will be created for A and B

      4. Talend send link to this Zip Data to user


      i has now problem with the second step ( sending filter selection to talend). Can you please help me how to do it?